Future Photography Workshops and Tours

Come join me on these amazing adventures!


Snowy Owls

January – March 2018

Ontario, Canada

B.C Grizzlies

Sept 29 – Oct 7, 2018

British Columbia, Canada

Northern Gannets

June 10-15, 2018

Quebec, Canada


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I had a truly amazing day, captured some shots I thought impossible for my level of experience and want to thank Len for the guidance, and good natured patience. Terry

Was an awesome outing and lots learned during the Snowy Owl Workshop, thank you Len, John M.

Enjoyed the Workshop!

I quite enjoyed your workshops. It was nice too know that I would get guaranteed opportunities to get some great shots. I got some treasured phoyos for my wall and for my website, shots that I would never have taken if I went out on my own. I look forward to getting out with you again in the future.

Larry McCarthy

The Adventures of Harley & Taku


The adventuring Siberian Husky mascots will be coming soon. Follow them as they go on exciting adventures with Len.