2016 & 2017 Photography Tours and Workshops

Testimonials from Photography Tours and Workshop Guest

I have been at a camera course where they told about what settings too use- that was fine in the class room- BUT with Len it was setting the camera– shoot– see what you are getting — make some changes and see what the difference is in real time —- we saw the results of + or – a stop —– having a professional  with Len’s experience to help with the setting was awesome BUT THEN the subjects he had made arrangements for us to shoot provided such a thrill that most of us would have been  too awestruck to make the right changes— two adult wolves coming within 4-5ft of your lens— the workshop gave me an experience of a lifetime and photos to re-live it . I would highly recommend Len’s workshops to anyone interested in getting better photos THANKS Len. J. Mairs

John Mairs

Dog Trainer, Tams Learning Centre

This is my second workshop with Len and won’t be my last! I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was an incredible experience to see and photograph the animals so  close up and I would recommend it to anyone. I learned a lot and I will do my best to apply my new found knowledge to my future photo shoots. P. Nadarajah

Pat Nadarajah

Gov. Canada

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What an awesome experience, and to be given the proper guidance and tools to capture it all made for a perfect day. As a beginner photographer, Len made me so comfortable while he explained the differences in lighting and exposure, plus great tips on so much more that I left feeling like I really really knew what I was doing besides just pushing buttons and hoping for the best. B.Owocki

Bev. Owocki

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