I have been involved in photography for close to twenty years now. It all began eighteen years ago with a visit to Stan C. Reade Photo in London, Ontario. It was there I met James Cowie. He assisted me with the purchase of my very  first camera, a Minolta 7A, with which I hoped to take photos of my adorable Siberian Husky puppy named Harley. In the months following my camera purchase I took many photos of Harley and a large number of film rolls went through the processing machines at Stan C. Reade Photo.

My desire to capture great photos of Harley quickly turned into an obsession. With many tips and a lot of great advice from James my photography skills increased at a fast pace and my obsession turned into a passion. I decided to enter the world of professional photography and chose to capture action shots in the sports world.  I photographed Motocross, IHRA Drag Racing, Indy Cart Racing, Formula One, PGA, and many other sports throughout North America. In 1998 I began to dedicate more time to Dog Sports in particular. I captured the excitement and action of canine agility, sheep herding, flyball racing, disc dog, dock diving and many other canine sports. To date I have archived over one and half million photos of incredible canines in action.

Harley passed over to the Rainbow Bridge in September of 2007.  I am forever grateful and thankful that Harley started me on this amazing journey. I have travelled all over North America and it is because of Harley that I met another dog lover, Katherine, who is the love of my life and now my wife. We share our home with thirteen dogs and over thirty chickens. The shutter never stops at our place.

In contrast to the non stop action of sports and canine photography I have always loved the outdoors and nature. For me there is nothing more relaxing than being out in nature enjoying the scenery and looking for wildlife. I enjoy capturing the beauty of  nature with my camera whether it be a moose in Algonquin Park, a wolf pack in Yellowstone or a majestic snowy owl in Ontario. All can be shared with others through the magic of photography. 

James always told me “have fun with your camera” and what better way to have fun than to be outside with nature and capturing memories to share with friends and family.

Digital photography has given more people the opportunity to capture memories and I have become very passionate about sharing my knowledge from behind the lens. I enjoy helping others to learn how to get past the complexity of  “the equipment” and think more about the vision. Helping people capture memorable moments has become extremely rewarding for me.

TTL Photo name history.

Before my first digital camera and before the time a website was required to display and sell images, TTL Photo was Through The Lens Photography. This was a play on camera metering and my name 🙂  

After the purchase of a Canon 1D MI, with huge 4MB files, my it was time for my first website and my first Apple computer! Through The Lens Photography was much too long for a website domain. Can you imagine typing that out fifteen years ago?! After going through hundreds of possible names and countless hours of domain searching www.TTL Photo was born. Now fifteen years later I am on my fifth redesign of my site and with the help and guidance of several people and a stack of WordPress books I have created the latest version of my site 100% in house. 

cheers and thank you for visiting TTL Photo 🙂