Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby

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Photos may be purchased in 2 digital sizes and as prints in various sizes.

Small $5.00 per image. Sized for personal use, websites, social sharing, etc. Approximate size 1200x800px@72dpi (this may vary slightly based on how I crop the image for best presentation. Example: the above photo is 1900x1080px@72dpi

Large $10.00 per image.  Sized large enough to make your own prints. When ordering the large digital image you also receive the small image with my © information in the bottom corner, similar to above photo.

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Prints: prints vary in many sizes from 5″x7″ up to 24″x36″ or larger. Prints may be printed on Professional Archival paper, Canvas, or Aluminum (actual metal). With prints varying in many sizes please contact me with your inquiry and sizes, any photo can be printed almost any size to fit a specific location in your home or office. NOTE: Size constraints will be based on how an image will crop, samples of your specific size/crop will be send for approval.

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Photos where dogs/mucher are in treed areas (shade) will look much better once processed, example: the above image, the dogs where in shade, processing brought back their details.

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