Raptors In Flight Photography Workshop

June 10, 2017

Fall 2017 Dates Coming Soon

Sessions are: 9am – 12pm, or 1pm – 4pm

10 Spots Per Session 

6 available spots for 9-12

7 available spots for 1-4

Cost per person: $125.00 CDN

Book Both Sessions and save $25.00 (total $225.00)

Morning session, please arrive between 8:30am (no earlier) – 8:45am.

Afternoon session, please arrive no later then 12:45pm, earliest 12:15pm

To reserve your spot, please email me below. Include number of people and which session you are interested in.

$50.00 Deposit by PayPal or E-transfer per session/per person required. Balance payable at time of workshop or no less then 24hrs prior to workshop date.

Lens Suggestion: Almost any lens including zoom “kit” lenses will be capable of capturing great images at the Raptors In Flight Workshop. I personally have used numerous zooms from 17-40mm to 100-400mm and primes from 300mm to 700mm (500 +1.4 tc). We can get very close to the raptors where you may wish a wide zoom, or stand further away with a large prime to capture close-up flight shots.

In a controlled situation like this workshop, bring what you have, learn to use it in the situation. It is always better to have it with you (or in your car close by) then to not have it and wish you did 🙂

Tripod: If you have one, bring it! With the erratic flight of birds handheld shooting is usually the better option, however, arms and shoulders can get tired after the first hour of holding a body and lens. Better to have it then not, right!

A close up map to the CRC location is posted below the sample images.

A sample of images from workshops at The Canadian Raptor Conservancy near Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. All images captured on Canon 1D MIV, Canon 7D MII using Canon lenses, 17-40mm, 24-70, 28-300mm, 100-400 MII or 500mm f4.

Raptors In Flight Inquiry

15 + 3 =

Approximate driving time from a few known locations:

Simcoe 17-20 minutes, Tillsonburg 40-45 minutes, ST. Thomas 1hr-15 minutes, London 1hr-30 minutes

Caledonia 45 minutes, Hamilton 1hr-10 minutes (at Hwy 403 crossing the harbour), Hwy 401 & Hwy 427 1hr-45 minutes

Kitchener 1hr-20 minutes, Barrie 2hrs-30 minutes

Click to open maps larger and print if needed