2018 Guide Service Available Dates

No dates available for 2018.

2019 Guide Service dates will be available April of 2018

NOTE** This is NOT a guarantee that we will see owls everyday or the number that are in the area. Wildlife can change from day to day and sometimes hour by hour. Sorry, I have to say this, but these are birds and have wings and can fly…… away!

That being said! I hope you can join me on the quest for the Majestic Snowy Owls. You will be captivated by their mesmerizing yellow eyes, witness their beautiful silent flight and capture some amazing images of The Silent Ghost of The North. We will locate and photograph the majestic Snowy Owl that have been sited in numerous locations in our area of Ontario. The past 7 years we have had  been averaging 4-8 Snowy’s a day (some not in photographic locations). During mid-late December during scouting I have counted as many as 48 in the area, many do not stay as the cold weather drives them in search of better feeding grounds. In 2012 and 2013 we also had 2 Barred Owls near our base location. On a very rare year we may  located the beautiful and amazing Great Grey Owls, this is extremely rare in our area but you never know! This service is designed to get you close to some owls on private property in sometimes very beautiful and cold winter environment. Capturing beautiful images of the Snowy Owl will leave you breathless and worth every moment you spend in Ontario’s winter wonderland. When requested, accommodations and other details can be emailed for your booking purposes. Our home base is approximately 1.5 hours from Toronto, Ontario, Pearson International Airport.

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